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Quotes This program is a poignant example of how to be a better leader. Jim created both a visual and physical experience for all of us to tap into and capture. What I most appreciate is the way Jim provides such powerful means for participants to integrate and ?embody? their learning. I love his stories, his energy, and most importantly his gift to connect with both individuals and the entire group. In a word? AWESOME!!! Quotes
Sheri Kay
COO and Lead Practice Coach, ACT Dental Practice Coaching

Quotes "The opening drum session set the beat for our entire event. It was imperative the group started to think as one, and we needed an ice breaker. You helped the top players in Affordable Comfort lead a charge for revolution.This symbolic event will be remembered by all." Quotes
Xavier S. Walter
President, The Energy Team

Quotes This was a great session! It was energetic, fun and tied really well to our value messages. Especially "Winning Together" and "Courage". It was a invaluable addition to our meeting! Quotes
Chrissy Stengel
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Del Monte

Quotes ...Your part of the session certainly provided the participants with a unique and deeper perspective on teamwork, creativity, and the role of the individual on success. Plus, it was just darn fun bangin' on drums for a while! Quotes
Tim Zak
President, Pittsburgh Social Enterprise Accelerator

Quotes Thanks again for everything Jim. Once again, you did a great job! Our employees had a great time with you and feedback has all been exceptionally positive! Such a hit! Quotes
Lynn Cyr-Collins
LIFE Pittsburgh Health Services, Pittsburgh, PA

Quotes Uplifting, Stress-busting, Smile-making, Groove-finding . . . what more can I say? Jim Donovan's Corporate Drumming program exceeded even our highest expectations. At the outset, it was clear that Jim's deep-seeded love for drumming was going to be infectious. What was a surprise, though, was that he was able to turn a ragtag band of carpenters, timberframers, architects, engineers, and designers into a rock-solid ensemble weaving complex rhythms into a single, powerful groove. When we first booked the drumming workshop, there was a lot of trepidation from the non-musicians in the group, and more than a little hand-wringing from some who questioned the intrinsic value of a drum workshop for a company that designs and builds houses. In the final analysis, though, the hand-drumming appealed to virtually everyone. As a part of our events committee, it was really gratifying to see all that trepidation and hand-wringing dissolve into easy smiles and confident participation Quotes
Erik Walker
Benson Wood Walpole, NH

Quotes Your program was fun, informative and very relaxing. I enjoyed working with my fellow Piggers in a different way. We actually learned and achieved things without the pressures of everyday business. It helped me focus and clear my mind. I was a little skeptical at first but once we got started I was a believer. I always wanted to play music but never took the time to learn. You made it easy for a novice like me to feel good about what I produced. It was a great feeling. Thank You. Quotes
Mark A. DeYulis
New Pig Corporation, Tipton, PA

Quotes I would recommend this experience to others, especially the focus on listening skills and the analogies that can be drawn into the work experience, listening to your co-workers, playing a supporting role, a partnering role, an oppositional role, a baseline role, a complementary role. Quotes
Kristi Yager
FED EX Ground University, Pittsburgh, PA

Quotes THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Last night was so great and the event exceeded my expectations!! The talk on the floor today is all positive and this is even from people who were apprehensive about coming. Are your ears burning? So many kind words are being said today about the way you taught the class and everyone loved the Ella story! Quotes
Kathleen Walker
Inside Sales Representative, Werner Company

Quotes Prior to our event I had no idea what a drumming circle was or what a powerful experience it would be for myself and our community. Jim gently introduced us to the notion that we could do no wrong and if we thought we made a musical mistake to smile and keep right on going. I?ve embraced this in my own life since then and it makes me grin to remember where I learned this trick and what a phenomenal day it was. If you?ve been to drum circles before, you?ll recognize immediately what a master Jim is, and if this is your first time you?ll walk away from the day hoping that you?ll have more drumming opportunities in your future! Quotes
Rachael Berman
Operations Director, ACT Dental Practice Coaching

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