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Quotes Jim's warm personality combined with his exceptional musical abilities allowed all teachers to create music without the fear of everyone needing to be a percussionist. Many comments were made about the sense of community, inner peace and healing, relaxing and living in the moment, temporarily letting go of concerns, etc. The power of rhythm in the room was amazing as 81 adults were transformed into a feeling of oneness while multi-rhythms were played on various instruments. We are so pleased we chose him and we consider him one of our most successfully received presenters. Quotes
Rhonda Ficca
Beaver County Arts Education Consortium Secretary

Quotes Thank you again for your help with our Women's Client Institute. You tailored your presentation to fit in with our overall theme of the day, and it was not only informative, but lively and fun! Exactly what we were looking for! Thanks again for being an integral part of this successful event. Quotes
Richard E. Deitrick, Jr., CRPC, CFP
Vice President Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Quotes Session with drums was not only a good team-building measure, but it was woven very nicely into a leadership discussion and LIFE values. I especially liked the comments about multitasking and how successful leaders avoid doing that! Quotes
Thorsten Luetzler
Bayer Corporation Head of BBTS, BBS North America & Global

Quotes Jim did a wonderful job relating to our staff and engaging them in an activity that they felt was both invigorating and meaningful.? The following are two quotes that I received from staff regarding his program: ? ??Thank you for a great day.? Truly, for me this was the most enjoyable staff training we?ve had.? Jim Donovan was super and?having him there truly validates what I do every day (as Expressive Arts Facilitator) and how important it is in everyone?s life.? Thanks again.? ? ?Although I was hesitant to participate in the drum circle at first since I do not have experience in drumming, I soon realized I did not need the experience.? Jim Donovan emphasized listening to each other and working together to make a cohesive sound.? It was fun, invigorating and relaxing all at the same time!? Quotes
Organizer Kennedy Center Inc, Trumbull, CT

Quotes Extremely engaging and enlightening; when the students finally "got it," you could see it on their faces and feel it in the room Quotes
Dex Tuttle
Assistant Director for Programming PA College of Technology

Quotes It was a pleasure to have Jim on campus. He puts on the type of interactive event that easily gets students involved. Jim is a total professional; he quickly puts people at ease and soon has the entire group drumming in unison. Programming at a two-year college can be difficult. Jim's event grabs everyone's attention. We had busy, stressed-out nursing students take the time to join Jim for two sessions! He's great! Quotes
Eoin Kinnarney
Director Student Activities Gloucester County College

Quotes The drumming experience that you did for our department retreat was fabulous! Generally, the staff doesn?t really like the retreat, and aren?t wild about the team building exercises?but this time it was a huge success thanks to your workshop. We had a great time, and it was a hands-on way to really see (and hear!) that we function as a team. Quotes
Marjorie Bing Stanislaw
Westmoreland County, PA Juvenile Corrections

Quotes Feedback from staff was great. They felt that the majority of the students really enjoyed the presentation. When you consider that this place was designed to deal with the most violent, disruptive students in the PA Juvenile Corrections system, they did pretty well. I think that this type of programming really enhances what we do here. We really enjoyed having you there and we look forward to doing it again. Quotes
Mike Burke
Director: Cresson Juvenile Corrections Facility, Cresson, PA

Quotes "Rhythmic Motivation was more successful than I could have imagined. I was really impressed with how the workshop was for all of our employees. The learning curve as well as any employee apprehension melted away as the group started drumming in unison. Jim is truly a gifted leader, teacher and facilitator. Six months later employees are still talking about the workshop and referencing the common metaphors. The workshop serves many valuable lessons from Active listening to avoiding 'paralysis by analysis' and just trying new challenges. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop." Quotes
Drayton Foltz
Director Smith Performing Arts Center University of Maryland

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