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Jim Donovan Corporate Drumming Events

Energetic Team, Leadership & Wellness Programs with Purpose

What Happens?

Every program is custom designed to your specific needs during a pre-event consultation. While the content and message varies at each event, the process outlined below remains the same.

FIRST - Get everyone comfortable.

Relaxed people are better learners. From the first moment your participants touch their instrument, they are encouraged to relax, let go of worries and concerns and to have fun. Using specialized non-verbal facilitation techniques, Jim quickly brings focus, energy and smiles to even the most skeptical members of the group.

SECOND -  Get everyone on the same page.

Group music making removes common barriers in organizations such as hierarchy, gender, ethnicity, age and language. Jim aligns any size group through a series of easy, effective, and fun listening and reaction exercises. The group will begin to sense it's own power as it plays unified rhythms together, highlighting the concept of your organization's shared mission and vision.

THIRD - Experience many voices with one purpose.

Group music making is unique in it's ability to get a diverse group of people truly listening to each other. The group is given an opportunity to experience a multi-voice percussion piece where they learn to hear more than just themselves. We underscore the importance an individual's contribution to the betterment of the whole. The group demonstrates to themselves the power of cooperation, non-competition and complete focus to task.

LASTLY- We create something new together.

Using many different drums and percussion instruments as well as the concepts they've just learned, your group will experience the pride of creating a brand new piece of music together. Within moments your team members are turned into a high energy "percussive orchestra". Your group will leave the experience energized, at ease, and more receptive to each other- giving them an opportunity to see each other in a brand new light.

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